Ohio Licensed Massage Therapist
Kentucky Licensed Massage Therapist
National Certification
Federal Certification
Certified Carpel Tunnel Massage
Member American Massage
  Therapy Assoc.

Benefits of Massage

The need for touch
Improves Blood Pressure
Reduce Pain
Increase Flexibility
Relaxes Over used muscles
Exercises and Stretches weak,
  tight or atrophied muscles
Promotes tissue regeneration
Stress relief 


1 Hr.     $50.00
1.5 Hr.  $70.00
2 Hr.     $90.00
Chair    $20.00 15 Min.


Done on Medical Necessity and/or by
availability at a $20 additional fee.


Everyone expects a massage that is just right. Destress Xpress Massage is committed to working with you to understand your needs and deliver the best massage for you by customizing body work through a range of Modalities. Each treatment is focused helping you attain your wellness goals.

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