Modality Information


Swedish - A softer gentle massage that helps relax and energize you. Also known as a relaxation massage

Deep Tisssue - A slower more forceful massage that targets deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue

Sports - Geared to active people to help prevent injury pre and post event

Trigger Point -  Focuses on trigger point or sensitive, tight muscles that can be formed after overuse or injuries

Bob Anderkin  (937) 307-0299

Personal Information



Mon-Sat 11am to 6pm

Carpel Tunnel  - Focuses on impingements that causes carpel tunnel, increases grip and reduces pain

Full Body or Area Specific

Chair Massage 15 minute fully dressed working on shoulders, arms and back



1 Hr.     $50.00
1.5 Hr.  $70.00
2 Hr.     $90.00
Chair    $20.00 15 Min.


Done on Medical Necessity and/or by availability at a $20 additional fee.